All started for Nathalie Requin with the purchase of a second-hand car of which the interior was soiled. In the search of a solution in order to transform her seats, Nathalie Requin draws and creates a preparing in cotton fabric, if pretty that at once its car is metamorphosed and creates the envieuses ones! She is requested with many recoveries by passers by which ask for to him the mark of this new product.

The first collections gain a sharp success, particularly near the women. They appreciate the aspect practises and aesthetic these covers which metamorphose their interior in a wink. At the professionals it is still a woman who initially will notice, the style of Nathalie Requin.
The decorator of the Quay of Orsay will place a first order to transform the seats of the Embassy from France to London at the time of the visit of Jacques Chirac to the Queen of England. This “french touch” created by Nathalie Requin particularly allures Bernadette Chirac who will appreciate much the refinement of the “large smart nodes” decorating each seat.

Little time after, Nathalie Requin is received in the Elysium, by the intendant of the President of the Republic and the official Residences, in order to prepare the arrival of large of this world, with the meeting of the G8 of Lyon

Conscious of the requirements and the needs for the professionals, Nathalie Requin proposes to them very quickly, either only covers, but this time the seat déhoussable which goes with; the restorers are charmed to be able to transform into a few moments the decoration of their dining room thanks to the multiple possibilities of short or long “dresses”, with nodes, laces or buttons…
They thus change environment between the lunch and the dinner, transforming the atmosphere of their firm.

The fabrics like the products Nathalie Requin are manufactured in France and ensure a quality “zero defect”.
Nathalie Requin selects her fabrics with the greatest requirement for quality: they are composed of natural fibres for elegance or fibres of new generation for maintenance and resistance. They are also especially treated in order to remain perfect even after many washings. The specific dyes used are, moreover, resistant to the light.

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